“BASILICO - Italian Restaurant” is a sophisticated 60 seaters (average) fine-dining restaurant offering traditional, genuine Italian food, elegant atmosphere and impeccable service. Savory starters and appetizers, delicious pastas, tasty meats and fishes will be all on the menu. The menu will be completed with a wide variety of home-made desserts and pastries, that will be served both during lunch or dinner hours and tea-time hours.

The restaurant should have been originally owned and operated by Arianna & Bernie Madeleyn, with the precious contribution of Chef Fabio Riondino and his wife, Pastry-Chef Sara Ballarin. Following a tragic event that has took the life of Mr. Bernie Madeleyn and Mr. Fabio Riondino, the two Italian wives have decided to continue the legacy of their husband, by going on implementing the project. 

BASILICO is located on a 3,000 square meters plot in the very heart of Gaborone, capital of Botswana, Africa. The existing 500 sqm villa on the plot is currently under refurbishment works, and represent the perfect scenario for a fine-dining restaurant that intends to cater for the middle and high-society of the town, being located in Extension 11, the diplomatic neighborhood, close to the State House and the UN Palace. 

The décor will feature an elegant Italian farm-house atmosphere, with floral pattern cast iron patio and bar, face-bricks internal walls, lintels and doors frames, in style light fittings and smart table setting.

The staff will be mainly composed by local Batswana experienced Chefs, Waiters and Barmen, selected through several interviews. The goal of BASILICO is to train the local Staff on Italian food and culture, in order to have a performing team work that can guarantee quality and perfect service.